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Pipette and Diluter Calibration Kits
- Self contained kits to accurately check delivery
- Makes in-house pipette Q.C. programs easy to implement

VistaLab Technologies Pipete Volume Calibration Kits and Diluter Calibration Kits are specifically designed to test the delivered volume of any laboratory pipette or diluter within a range of 10 to 1000ÁL. Using a colour dilution principle, kits aer available for disctere-sample or flow-through type spectrophotometers. No special scales are needed. Kit is complete with graph paper, reagents, 12mm glass cuvettes, QC log sheets ans instructions

Pipette Volume Calibration Kits

Discrete-sample spectrophotometer testkit - 30 tests/kit

Flow-Through spectrophotometer testkit - 30 tests/kit

Discrete-sample spectrophotometer testkit - 100 tests/kit

Flow-Through spectrophotometer testkit - 100 tests/kit

Dilution Calibration Kits

Discrete-sample spectrophotometer test kit - 30 tests/kit

Calibration Lables

Calibration lables for Ovation Pipettes - 1 box of 5

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