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Accessories Available for Ovation Bionatural Pipettes

Ovation Pipette Stand
The Ovation Pipette Stand is fabricated from light, easy-to-clean plastic and holds up to 4 pipettes. It provides a convenient way to organize your Ovation Pipettes, especially in hood applications

Ovation Pipette Stand

Ovation Cap Opener for Fixed and Adjustable Pipettes
The Ovation Cap Opener provides an easy-to-use ergonomic solution for opening PCR or microtubes whilst pipetting. This accessory attaches to the base of the pipette, and accommodates most microtubes. Simply slide the top into the groove of the Cap Opener and rotate or tilt the base of the pipette to pull open the cap

Cap Opener kit for
Ovation Adjustable and Fixed Volume Models - Qty 3

Liquid Blocking Nozzles, Filters and Nozzle Seals

Seal Kits

Nozzle Extenders and Ejector Sleeves

Power Supplies and Batteries

Calibration Kits and Lables

Reagent Reservoirs

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